For Risk and Investment Managers, CFOs and owners, utilizing surety bonds as a substitute for letters of credit, or cash, to secure transactions can be of great value. The capital designated to secure bank guarantees can be redeployed toward activities better suited for reinvestment and investor value.

At the same time careful analysis of prospective acquisitions, whose revenue stream may be dependent upon the continued availability of surety bonds, helps put the right price and structure on the deal before it closes. We provide such evaluation services routinely.


Growth strategies are important to Family Offices managing wealth. Capital preservation, through targeted use of surety bonds is crucial to both management and principals.

Family Offices directly or co-investing into large scale assets or companies may find that principals or officers are on the line to personally guarantee sizeable letters of credit. While not prohibitive in executing investment strategy, this restrictive requirement of capital is unable to generate ROI. Surety bonds can substitute for letters of credit, allowing individuals to provide a simple signature guarantee in place of assets or cash to back a transaction.​​

Our Family Office group can identify where we can unlock liquidity within your portfolio.

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The complex nature of Private Equity transactions require a specialized understanding of deal mechanics. Our expertise in finance, accounting and alternative investments serves us well in working toward solutions with the proper specialty surety markets for the benefit of our PE clients.

Private Equity funds are becoming the dominant purchasers of companies as investment holdings, increasingly operating in sectors where surety bonds may be required as part of doing business. Targeted sectors include but are not limited to:

  • Real Estate
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy & Renewables

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Additionally, transactions may require the posting of letters of credit. Let us consult with you to evaluate where we might consider a surety bond to replace letters within existing holdings or substitute for future transactions.

Click here to learn how Surety Bonds can substitute for bank guarantees.


Venture capital funding is at the forefront of scaling the constant technological disruption transforming industry faster than ever. High risk investment scenarios call for prudent utilization of limited capital resources at each funding stage, placing pressure on each dollar invested to generate high ROI. Surety bonding can help recapture ‘idle’ dollars, or provide for revenue streams critical for next stage growth.

Additionally, growing portfolio companies that are building reputations may require bonding support to help land an enterprise client, green light a sizeable project or work with public entities. Uses include but not limited to:

  • Software & Hardware Deployment
  • Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Speak to our Venture Group to identify surety use within your portfolio and determine where we can recover performance capital.

Click here to learn how Surety Bonds can substitute for bank guarantees.

Click here for common industries we serve.

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