Over thirty years in the business has put us in contact with professional service providers whose own business models provide critical support to yours. We know the right professionals that best fit your particular need, business profile and geography.

Seeking an insurance or risk management level broker that specializes in your industry? We are affiliated with several regional, national and international companies who are capable of servicing your needs.

Have growing pains, surety demands or tax issues made you realize that you’ve outgrown your present accounting firm? This is a common problem. We can help point you in the right direction.

Different periods of your business life will require specialized legal services to address whatever matters are at hand. From incorporation to business continuity agreements to bid protests and litigation, it’s likely you will see all of these and perhaps more in the course of operations. We know the right counselors when you need one, and the right litigators when there is no avoiding the fight.

Whether you are looking at a design/build project, seeking to evaluate means and methods of construction, or are a project developer in search of the right Architect or Professional Engineer, we have the right relationships to assist you.



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We can help.

It all starts with our Mission Statement. Understanding your business and your needs. But it goes deeper. We bring balance and insight to the situation. Our experience puts us in a unique consultative role. That alone is valuable, but without the right markets it’s a tree falling in the forest kind of thing. We represent the broadest possible array of surety companies in the business with worldwide capabilities, both traditional and innovative. There isn’t an answer for everything, but if it exists, we’ll find it.