The world is an ever-changing and quite complex organism in which to do business.

Exposure to the unanticipated pitfalls of political upheaval, economic fluctuations, supply chain disruption etc. can have a devastating effect on your project, and your balance sheet.

You have performance and schedule obligations to meet, and real costs/penalties for failure to do so. What happens if that turbine being fabricated in Mexico fails to arrive due to a labor strike? Or the government of (name the country) executes a monetary policy that prevents any assets from leaving the country, or devalues its currency, making your project impossible to complete or rescue? Or your largest customer becomes insolvent leaving you with significant amounts of uncollectable debts?

As global trade increases we see many such projects where critical components are sourced off-shore. We also experience the wariness of lenders surrounding projects in developing countries. Political and or credit risk insurance may be an answer to mitigate your downside.


  • Pre & Post Shipment Non-Payment
  • Non-Performance and Non-Delivery
  • Frustration and Repudiation of Supply and Service Contracts
  • Political Violence, War and Terrorism
  • Forced Abandonment and Divestiture
  • Non-Honoring of Sovereign Financial and Contractual Obligations
  • Inability to Enforce Legal, Contractual and Ownership Rights
  • Currency Inconvertibility and Transfer Restrictions
  • Unfair Calling of On-Demand Bonds and Bank Guarantees
  • Arbitration Award Default and Denial of Justice
  • Confiscation of Fixed and Mobile Assets
  • Trade Disruption
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